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Geocriticism Part 1 of 4 Introduction

Geocriticism, a technique used to understand the context in literature and also newly used by Dr Dawn Saunders to assist people to understand the new normal after lockdown. 

Geocriticism Part 2 of 4 Personal Identity

Dr Dawn Saunders and Improving your overall quality of life.

Geocriticism Part 3 of 4 Understanding self and others

With Dr. Dawn Saunders 

Geocriticism Part 4 of 4 Staying healthy during challenges

Dr Dawn Saunders shares her thoughts on staying healthy during challenging times.

Interesting Trends after Covid

Trends after Covid by M Knoetze

Preventing A Burnout

Web Based Program on Preventing A Burnout

Trust and willpower - Stages of Adulthood

Trust and Willpower with Minet Swart

Work/Life Balance

Web Based Programme on Work/Life Balance