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Diversity Awareness - A South African Perspective

Diversity Awareness 

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One Common Language

One Common Language

Rethink Purpose

Meaning of life and purpose overall.

Rethink purpose with us and listen to great conversations around the topic.

An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion.

Group Session with Tumi Khumalo

Goscor Exclusive : Customer Service and Customer Experience

Customer Service and Customer Experience

Work/Life Balance

Web Based Programme on Work/Life Balance


Geocriticism Part 2 of 4 Personal Identity

Dr Dawn Saunders and Improving your overall quality of life.

Geocriticism Part 3 of 4 Understanding self and others

With Dr. Dawn Saunders 

Geocriticism Part 4 of 4 Staying healthy during challenges

Dr Dawn Saunders shares her thoughts on staying healthy during challenging times.

Trust and willpower - Stages of Adulthood

Trust and Willpower with Minet Swart

Interesting Trends after Covid

Trends after Covid by M Knoetze

Preventing A Burnout

Web Based Program on Preventing A Burnout

Geocriticism Part 1 of 4 Introduction

Geocriticism, a technique used to understand the context in literature and also newly used by Dr Dawn Saunders to assist people to understand the new normal after lockdown. 

The Relevant and Necessary heart of a Kingdom led CEO in the time of transition.

Women's Christian Business Conferance

Stress Management with Dr. Dawn Saunders. Sweet & Short Version

Stress Management Sweet and Short